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Paper 1 Listening(第一卷 听力)

Paper 2 Vocabulary and Grammar(第二卷 词汇和语法)

VI. Choose the best answer (选择最恰当的答案): (共20分)

31. A tsunami (海啸) happened in some southern Asian countries _____ December, 2004.

A) at B) on C) in D) by

32. When Yang Liwei came back from space, many reporters interviewed ______ and got some first-hand information.

A) he B) him C) his D) himself

33. There is ______ report in today’s newspaper. It’s about the International Film Festival, Shanghai.

A) a B) an C) the D) /

34. Tim’s mum is worried ______ her son’s eyesight as he plays online games too much.

A) for

B) about

C) with

D) of

35. I’ve read ______ sports news about the F1 race today.

A) two B) pieces C) two pieces D) two pieces of

36. Liu Xiang and Yao Ming are world-famous sports stars. ____ of them have set a good example to us.

A) AllB) NeitherC) BothD) None

37. Nowadays science fiction isn’t as _____ as cartoons among teenagers.

A) popular B) more popular

C) less popular D) the most popular

38. How magnificent the Bund looks at night when all the lights are ____!

A) turned overB) turned off C) tuned down D) turned on

39. The doctors tried their best to save the patient’s life, ______ failed.

A) orB) soC) butD) because

40. — ______ I fill in the check-in form right now, sir?

— No, you needn’t. You can complete it this afternoon.

A) May B) Can C) WouldD) Must

4l. Tom likes cars. He enjoys ______ model cars of all kinds.

A) collects B) collecting C) to collectD) collected

42. Charlie can’t go with us because he _______ a professor around our company.

A) showsB) was showing C) has shownD) is showing

43. During World War II, a Jewish (犹太) lady was protected by a local family in Shanghai in her ______.

A) fiftiesB) fifty C) fiftieth D) the fiftieth

44. We are glad to see that Shanghai is developing ________ these years than ever before.

A) quickly B) less quickly

C) more quickly D) the most quickly

45. The cheese cake tasted so ______ that the kids asked for more.

A) delicious B) well C) badD) badly

46. The Oriental Pearl TV Tower ________ tens of thousands of visitors since l995.

A) attracted B) attracts C) has attractedD) will attract

47. Many old houses around our school ____ next year and a large green area will appear.

A) pull down B) will be pulled down

C) will pull downD) are pulled down

48. The heavy snowstorm made the mountain climbers ______ halfway.

A) stop B) to stop C) stopping D) stopped

49. Thousands of spectators came to Shanghai to ______ the 48th World Table Tennis Championships.

A) see B) notice C) watch D) look

50. Professor Nelson wanted to know ______.

A) when would the conference begin

B) when the conference would begin

C) when will the conference begin

D) When the conference will begin

VII. Complete the sentences with the given words in their proper forms (用括号中所给单词的适当形式完成下列句子): (共6分)

51. A bus ______ is responsible for the safety of his passengers. (drive)

52. It rained ______ last night and the river rose two feet. (heavy)

53. The fishermen are told to be more careful on ______ days. (wind)

54. More people are getting to know the _______ of environmental protection. (important)

55. I _____ we see a film about the Anti-Japanese War. (suggestion)

56. _____ food is convenient to cook so it’s a craze in supermarkets. (freeze)

VIII. Choose the word or expression which is closest in meaning to the underlined part in each sentence (选择与下列各句中划线部分内容意思相近的单词或短语,用A、B、C、D等表示): (共6分)

A) without mistakes B) have a good time C) over

D) managed E) improve F) are fond of G) walked quickly

57. I hope you’ll enjoy yourself during your stay in Paris.

58. Mr Lian Zhan revisited the city of Nanjing after more than 60 years’ absence.

59. Every year hundreds of Shanghai teachers are sent abroad to make their English better.

60. Scientists will be able to tell accurately how high Mount Qomolangma is.

61. These days quite a few young people are keen on Korean love TV series.

62. The twin sisters ran the restaurant very well and it offered many chances to the jobless.

IV. Rewrite the following sentences as required (根据所给要求,改写下列句子。每空限填一词): (共10分)

63. The old man realized that too much salt was harmful to health. (改为否定句)

The old man _____ _____ that too much salt was harmful to health.

64. London held the first World Expo in 1851. (对划线部分提问)

______ did London ______ the first Word Expo?

65. Betty likes taking a bus to work. She likes taking an underground to work better.(合并句子)

Betty ______ taking an underground ______ taking a bus to work.

66. We publish our school newspaper twice a month. (改为被动语态)

Our school newspaper ______ _____ twice a month.

67. The poor child was so lucky that she received many books from Project Hope. (改为简单句)

The poor child was ______ ______ to receive many books from Project Hope.

Paper 3 Reading and Writing(第三卷 阅读和写话)

X. Reading comprehension (阅读理解): (共18分)


Many American families live busy lives. Every week, the children have sports, music lessons, club meetings, and many other activities, including (包括) hours of homework. The parents are busy, too. They work, take care of their homes, cook meals, and drive their children to activities. Some families do not have time to eat meals together more than once a week. One American community (社区) decided that it was time to take a break.

After seven months of planning, the community of Ridgewood, New Jersey, took one night off. They called it “Family Night”, a night for families to spend time together. Sports teams stopped their practices, and teachers did not give homework.

On Family Night, families agreed to turn off their televisions. They also decided not to answer the telephone. Answering machines said, “Please call back tomorrow.” Many families ordered take-out pizza and other take-out food so that they wouldn’t spend time cooking.

Popular activities included board games and card games. These games gave families a chance to spend time together. Children and parents weren’t so busy, and children didn’t spend so much time playing video games and watching television. On Family Night, families relaxed and spent the evening together. The town hopes to have many more “Family Nights”.

True or False (判断下列句子是否符合短文内容,符合的用“T”表示,不符合的用“F”表示):

68. Many American families are too busy.

69. Children have many other activities besides homework.

70. It took one night for Ridgewood to plan the special “Family Night”.

7l. During “Family Night”, families watched television together.

72. Parents cooked a big dinner for the whole family on “Family Night”.

73. More “Family Nights” are expected by the people in the town.

(B )

When my family moved to America from a small village in Guangdong, China, we brought not only our luggage, but also our village rules, customs and culture. One of the rules is that young people should always respect (尊敬) elders. Unluckily, this rule led to my very first embarrassment in the United States.

I had a part-time job as a waiter in a Chinese restaurant. One time, when I was serving food to a middle-aged couple, the wife asked me how the food could be served so quickly. I told her that I had made sure they got their food quickly because I always respect the elderly. As soon as I said that, her face showed great displeasure. My manager, who happened to hear what I said, took me aside and gave me a long lecture about how sensitive(敏感) Americans are and how they dislike the deion “old”. I then walked back to the table and apologized to the wife. After the couple heard my reason, they understood that the problem was caused by cultural differences, so they laughed and were no longer angry.

In my village in China, people are proud of being old. Not so many people live to be seventy or eighty, and people who reach such an age have the most knowledge and experience. Young people always respect older people because they know they can learn from their rich experience.

However, in the United States, people think “growing old” is a problem since “old” shows that a person is going to retire or that the body is not working well. Here many people try to keep themselves away from growing old by doing exercises or jogging, and women put on makeup, hoping to look young. When I told the couple in the restaurant that I respect the elderly, they got angry because this caused them to feel they had failed to stay young. I had told them something they didn’t want to hear.

After that, I changed the way I had been with older people. It is not that I don’t respect them any more; I still respect them, but now I don’t show my feelings through words. By Jack

Choose the best answer (根据短文内容,选择最恰当的答案用A、B、C或D表示)

74. Jack brought the couple their food very fast because______.

A) the manager asked him to do so B) he respected the elderly

C) the couple wanted him to do so D) he wanted more pay

75. When Jack called the couple “elderly”, they became ______.

A) nervousB) satisfied C) unhappy D) excited

76. In Jack’s hometown, ______.

A) people dislike being called “old”

B) people are proud of being old

C) many people reach the age of seventy or eighty

D) the elderly are the first to get food in restaurants

77. After this experience, Jack ______.

A) lost his job in the restaurant B) made friends with the couple

C) no longer respected the elderly

D) changed his way with older people

78. Which of the following is TRUE?

A) The more Jack explained, the angrier the couple got.

B) Jack wanted to show his feelings through words after his experience.

C) The manager went back to the table and apologized to the couple.

D) From this experience, Jack learned more about American culture.

79. Which is the best title for this passage?

A) Different countries, different customs

B) Old people, old customs

C) Different restaurants, different services

D) Differences between old and young

(C )

A forest fire that burned 55 square kilometres was finally brought under control on Wednesday morning. The fire started on Sunday in Black Bear State Park and quickly spread to nearby areas.

On Monday, police evacuated (疏散) the small town of Lawson and ordered the people to leave their homes. The fire destroyed 20 homes in the area and caused heavy damage to 40 others.

Nobody was hurt. Officials said the damage to homes and cars was between $l million and $2 million. The government declared the town a disaster (灾难) area.

The fire spread quickly in the hot, dry weather. Fire fighting was difficult because of strong winds. Firemen from 55 fire departments in the state joined the National Fire Service to put out the fire. Some kept fighting for 24 hours. Fire engines and helicopters dropped water onto the fire.In order to control the fire, firemen cleared a way around the fire.

Police closed King Road to traffic on Tuesday because of heavy smoke. Thousands of tourists had to drive an hour north to Queen Road to pass the fire area.

Some people did not follow the police order. Paul Grayson sent his wife and two children to safety, but he stayed. As the fire came within 50 feet of his house, he started thinking, “Am I foolish? Did I stay here too long, just for a house?”

Answer the questions (根据短文内容回答下列问题,每题所填单词不超过10个):

80. When and where did the forest fire start?

The fire started ________________________.

8l. What did the police order the people to do?

The police ordered the people to ________________________

82. Why was fire fighting difficult?

Because ________________________.

83. How did the firemen drop water onto the fire?

They ________________________to drop water onto the fire.

84. How long did the tourists have to drive north to Queen Road to pass the fire area?


85. What kind of person do you think Paul Grayson was?


XI. Cloze test (完形填空): (共l4分 )

A. Choose the words or expressions and complete the passage (选择最恰当的单词或词语完成短文: (7分)

It’s 3:00 a.m. Angela is ready to start the day at the family bakery. She has three children, and they all __86__ at the bakery. Vincent and his wife, Angela, are the owners of his family’s bakery.

Vincent’s father owned the bakery, and __87__ Vincent’s grandfather owned the bakery. Now, Vincent and Angela own and run the bakery.

__88__ in the family works in the bakery. The oldest daughter, Claire, decorates many of the special cakes. Maria is the ___89___ child. She works at the counter, and sometimes she makes cookies. Paul, the youngest, is 14, and he makes bread. Vincent says, “Paul has good hands for bread.” The whole family works in the bakery, but the children only work there before or after school.

The bakery is open from 6:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. every day except Monday. The bakery sells cookies, cakes, and bread. For special holidays, ___90___ Easter and Christmas, Vincent keeps the bakery open __91__ 6:00 p.m., and Angela always prepares fresh coffee for their customers.

Mr Martino is a regular customer. He visits the bakery every morning. He always buys the round loaf of bread with no butter. He says that it’s good. Mrs Salerno is __92__a regular customer. Every Friday, she buys two loaves of Italian bread and a large box of cookies. Her sir-year-old daughter, Laura, always gets one free cookie. Mrs Salerno says that Vincent’s bakery is the best in the area.

86. A) play B) study C) help D) eat

87. A) at lastB) later on C) since then D) before that

88. A) Everyone B) SomeoneC) No oneD) Only one

89. A) firstB) middleC) only D) last

90. A) for exampleB) such as C) as well asD) in addition

91. A) after B) before C) at D) until

92. A) just B) stillC) also D) even

B. Read the passage and fill in the blanks with proper words (在短文的空格内填入适当的词,使其内容通顺,每空格限填一词,首字母已给): (7分)

Reading books is a good hobby for all kinds of reasons.

First, reading books is f__93__. You can always keep yourself amused if you like reading. This is especially useful when the weather is bad. It is a relaxing hobby too. You can really become lost in a book.

Next, you can read a book a__94_: in a car, in a waiting-room, on a plane, in bed — even in the bath. All you need is a book! Reading is a convenient hobby as it is easy to stop and then start again.

A__95__ good reason for reading books is that it is useful. If you read as a hobby you will get better and better at it. This m__96_ that you will read faster and will become better at understanding what you read. As your reading improves, you will probably find your schoolwork becomes much e__97__. Many school subjects depend on good reading and, as you read, you learn more and more.

Some people say that reading is out of date. This is not true. You have to be able to read to use a computer and, the better you read, the better your computer skills will be. Reading is h__98__ out of date!

Good readers are most likely to be good writers, too. They are usually good at spelling as well, and have more things to write about. Reading books is a wonderful hobby, one of the best.W__99__ other hobby could be more useful, or more enjoyable!

XII. Complete the following dialogue with proper sentences in the box (选出适当的句子完成下列对话):(共6分)

A) Who taught you how to play?

p) About three or four.

C) Congratulations!

D) Which is your favourite tennis club?

E) How long have you played tennis?

F) I want to be a professional tennis player when I’m older.

G) Here at the tennis club?

Reporter: ___l00___You just won the first prize in the State Tennis Competition.

Michael: Thank you.

Reporter: Michael, how old are you?

Michael: Seven.

Reporter: Seven! ___l01___

Michael: Since I was three.

Reporter: ___l02___

Michael: My father. And I take private lessons, too.

Reporter: ___l03___

Michael: Yes, I’ve taken lessons here for two years.

Reporter: How many days a week do you play?

Michael: ___l04___ I want to practise every day, but my parents say three or four days is enough.

Reporter: Are you going to continue with your tennis?

Michael: Uh-huh ___l05___

Reporter: Wish you greater success!

Michael: Thank you.

XII. Writing (写话): (共10分)

106. Write a passage of at least 60 words on the topic “Growing pains and gains”. The pictures below are for your reference only.

(以“成长的烦恼与欢乐” 为题写—篇不少于60个词的短文,标点符号不占格。以下图片仅供参考。)



Paper 2

VI. Choose the best answer




51. driver; 52. heavily; 53. windy; 54. importance; 55. suggest/suggested; 56. Frozen


57-62 BCEAFD


63. didn’t, realize

64. When, hold

65. prefers, to

66. is, published

67. lucky, enough

Paper 3


68-73 TTFFFT

74-79 BCBDDA

80. on (a) Sunday in Black Bear State Park

81. leave their homes

82. the winds were strong /of strong winds

83. used fire engines and helicopters

84. They had to drive an hour/An hour

85. He was (a little) foolish/loved his family a lot/ didn’t know the danger of fires



93. fun; 94. anywhere; 95. Another; 96. means; 97. easier; 98. hardly?; 99. What?


100-105 CEAGBF

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